Frequently Asked Questions - Homeowners

Hiring a REPA Professional


Full Members are qualified to provide energy assessment services. An energy assessment provides homeowners with valuable information about their home's energy performance. Energy assessments provide:

  • Detailed information about the functioning of home energy components (insulation, air leakage, space conditioning systems, ventilation, domestic hot water, etc.).
  • Specific recommendations on energy saving improvements -Investigation of potential health and safety issues, such as interior moisture management and combustion safety problems.
  • Advice on solving problems such as ice dams, attic and basement moisture, and poor air quality.

Full REPA members combine their experience with advanced diagnostic equipment to provide energy auditing services that will ultimately save homeowners money, improve building comfort and solve building energy and durability problems. While full REPA members have been vetted for their qualifications, REPA is neither associated with nor responsible for the individual actions of its members.


REPA is member organization and has no contractual agreement with the members. REPA always suggest that you talk to a number members to assure the proper match with your needs and you should always follow general contracting rules of create a clear scope of work, agree on a price, and check references before you sign a contract.

Energy Efficiency Terms


A list of terms, acronyms, and definitions can be found in many online websites, but the State of Minnesota’s Weatherization Program has a comprehensive glossary located at Some items may pertain to MN only.